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Tupelo Honey™ is produced from the Tupelo gum tree.
Real Tupelo Honey™ is light amber in color and
light golden with a greenish cast.
The flavor is delicious and distinctive - a choice table honey!

Good white Tupelo Honey™, unmixed with other honeys, will not granulate. Due to the high levulose content and low dextrose ratio, diabetic patients have been permitted by
their physicians to eat Tupelo Honey™.
Average analysis: Levulose 44.03%, dextrose 29.98%. (Please consult your doctor first)

Due to the fluctuation of honey prices, our prices are subject to change without notice

Tupelo Honey

Black Tupelo, Ti-Ti, Black-gum, Willow, and several other honey plants that bloom in advance of white Tupelo,
are used to build up bee colony strength and stores.

The important point we wish to make here is that not all honey labeled Tupelo is Tupelo Honey top quality Tupelo Honey™ as the bees make it and as skilled beekeepers produce it.

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Fine Tupelo Honey™ is more expensive because it costs more to produce this excellent specialty honey.
In order to get fine, unmixed Tupelo Honey™, colonies must be stripped of all stores just as the white
Tupelo bloom begins. The bees must have clean combs in which to place the Tupelo honey.
then the new crop must be removed before it can be mixed with additional honey sources.
The timing of these operations is critical and years of experience are needed to produce a fine product
that will certify as Tupelo honey.

Tupelo Honey should not be consumed by children under the age of 12 months

Pure Tupelo Honey has to be certified by the State in which it is produced for it to be qualified as "Pure Tupelo Honey"

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